Legal Affairs Directorate



To follow the legislative studies concerning the municipalities and to prepare proposals, to share these proposals with the management and to deliver them to the relevant authorities.
To follow the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and its commissions effectively, to form opinions on behalf of the municipalities on the bills and proposals concerning the municipalities when necessary, to make written and oral suggestions by participating in the commission meetings.
To express the problems of the municipalities in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Prime Ministry, ministries, public institutions and organizations and other platforms, to prepare and follow up suggestions on the solution.
To provide legal support to municipalities, to form opinions on legal problems encountered in practice, to give written and verbal answers to questions, to use information processing and other technologies to carry out these activities effectively.
Opinions to be given by the Association are under the responsibility of the Legal Affairs Directorate. If the contribution of another unit is required in the formation of the legal opinion, the contribution of the relevant unit is provided in the coordination of the deputy general secretary to whom he is attached, and the coordination initial of the relevant unit chief is opened to the opinion letter.
To organize and carry out studies such as meetings, conferences and panels where legal problems faced by municipalities and solutions are discussed and researched.
To carry out studies to determine, amend or abolish the legislation that concerns municipalities and which has no implementation capability, and to make suggestions to the relevant authorities on these issues.
To prepare new approaches and regulations on municipalism and to share them with the relevant authorities.
To announce to the municipalities and to help them understand the legislative changes concerning municipalities, the decisions of the judiciary and the Court of Accounts
Developing sample forms, writing and account programs that will be used by practitioners in order to facilitate the application and to provide unity and to present them to the use of municipal employees.
To compile legislation and judicial decisions concerning municipalities, to develop sample articles and forms, and to upload them to the Union's web page in a systematic way and present them to the benefit of the municipalities.
To take legal action against the general regulations that violate the interests of the municipalities with the permission of the administration, to file lawsuits in the relevant jurisdictions.
To follow the works and transactions carried out before the courts and enforcement offices on behalf of the Union, to represent the Union in these offices, to initiate and follow up proceedings.
Coordinating training and other activities for the legal services of municipalities.
Working together with the legal units of the municipalities and forming working commissions.
Providing legal support to other units if needed.
To prepare publications related to his field of duty and to carry out their publication with the relevant unit.
To perform other works and duties deemed appropriate by the general secretariat.