Matra CoPROL

Matra CoPROL (Cooperation with Pre-accession Countries on the Rule of Law) Program

This project, financed by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to strengthen the democratic leadership skills of (semi-) government institutions in Turkey, Serbia and Albania to ensure public security and human rights and further integration of reforms processes to align with European standards. It consists of 4 main activities:

  1. Leadership and Good Governance programme aimed at improving visionary and strategic leadership of high-level policy and decision makers at institutions in public security sector;
  2. Security benchmark and standard setting as tool for improved performance and coherence with stakeholders;
  3. Multi-stakeholder workshops to increase the capacity of government practitioners to include all civil society groups, in the policy and decision making process;
  4. Training of trainers at institutes for public administration to enhance training capacity of public administration and to sustain the leadership programme in the local context.

The Hague Academy for Local Governance is responsible for activities 1 and 4: the Leadership and Good Governance programme and the Training of Trainers. Implementing partners of these activities are the Dutch Institute for Public Administration (PBLQ ROI) and the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC). The activities will be organised in cooperation with a.o. the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, the Dutch Ministry of Interior, the Netherlands Association of Municipalities, the Ombudsman, Court of Audit, Amnesty International and the National Bureau for Integrity of Civil Servants.