Intermediary Cities

Intermediary cities are cities that create bridges to connect important rural and urban areas, and represent, for the rural population, an opportunity to access basic facilities. Governments, especially local and regional governments, should come together to address the shortcomings and needs in urban planning through a greater understanding of the challenges and the perspectives of local governments. For that reason, UCLG has incorporated intermediary cities into its agenda creating the Working Group on Intermediary Cities.


Capacity and Institution Building (CIB)

One of the main objectives of this group is to exchange experiences and to professionalize and enhance the work amongst Local Government Associations and individual local governments. An information sharing platform improves the work of LGAs and individual local governments active in the field of Association Capacity Building (ACB) and Municipal International Cooperation (MIC).

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralized Cooperation.


Migration and Co-development

Develop a draft paper on the value and the role of municipal associations and local governments in migrations and co-development for the Decentralized Cooperation Committee; Promotion of the debate and reflection scenarios on links between migration and development.

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralised Cooperation.


Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development

Promoting a tourism that, besides offering the traveler cultural, natural, and recreational attractions, constitutes a responsible mechanism that promotes local communities′ economic and social development.

This Working Group is related to the Committee on Decentralised Cooperation.


Local Economic Development

Working Group aiming to reinforce cooperation between local governments in different regions of the world and participate actively in achieving full recognition of the role of local governments in the worldwide debate on new development models.


Local governments and Cooperation in Middle-East

A place for discussion and dialogue that favours cooperation, exchange and opportunity sharing among members to strengthen and expand the involvement of local governments in the situation in the Middle-East.