Legal Affairs

Protection of the benefits of Municipalities

With Local Administrative Unions Law no. 5355 Article 20, UMT is entitled the duty and authority to protect the benefits of municipalities and give opinions during the preparation of legislations effecting and relating the municipalities.

 This authority and duty of  our Union is supported by the provision of the Article no. 4 of European Charter of  Local  Autonomy stating “Local authorities shall be consulted, insofar as possible, in due time and in an appropriate way in the planning and decision-making processes for all matters which concern them directly” and also supported by the provision of the Prime Ministry Regulation on Procedure and Principles of Legislation  Article 6. stating that local administrations shall be consulted on the law drafts concerning these administrations.


Legal Support and Counselling Services

Union of Municipalities of Turkey, provides verbal and written legal support to our Municipalities, when the Municipalities face indecision in real-world practices or encountered problems in local administration.

In the scope of these services, UMT:

  • Provides verbal and written legal views,
  • Makes research and problem assessments,
  • Searches solutions to problems,
  • Guides municipality workers,
  • Provides consensus in practices,
  • Improves quality and quickness of local services,
  • Increases the capacity of municipalities.

Charges Pressed by UMT

  • Our Union, within the scope of our mission to protect the interests of municipalities, can file a lawsuit at judicial authority when required, against regulations which violates the rights of our municipalities; limits their autonomies, authorities and incomes.